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Getting ready for VXLAN

Background: One of the breakthrough announcements made during VMworld this year was by Steve Herrod, the CTO for VMware, on the advent of VXLAN.  The way Steve Herrod described it, VXLAN was going to bring to virtual machines, the mobility that is currently afforded by mobile phone providers to mobile subscribers. Virtual machines would be… Read More »

Multicast Support in vSphere

I have fielded a number of questions on VMware’s multicast support and figure it is time I did a short blog on it.  There is a good white paper on the topic on the VMware site called Multicast Performance on vSphere 5.0 that deals with performance changes that have been made to enhance multicast support in vSphere… Read More »

VXLAN Explained – Part 1

Background: There has been a lot of chatter in the blogger-sphere about the advent of Virtual eXtensible Local Area Network (VXLAN) and all the vendors that contributed to the standard as well as those that are planning on supporting the proposed IETF draft standard.  In the next couple of articles I will attempt to describe… Read More »